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My Programs


Choose between:


3 month program

1 initial appointment

5 follow ups



6 month program

1 initial assessment

11 follow ups



8 week Mindful Eating Basics




During our initial appointment, we'll discuss your health goals and what's working vs what's not. Finding out what is important to you and your priorities will pave your path during our time together and for your future.   

Frequent checks ins

We'll meet in person or virtually depending on your needs. I will send you check in forms, we'll set goals and we'll reassess your progress. You can't measure what you're not tracking! Strategy is the name of the game.

Personalized Approach

This program is made for you and you only. We'll dive deep into your past to help you reVIVE your future! We'll uncover behaviors and the mindset holding you back from reaching your goals to create ones that work.

Accountability & Support

We'll communicate through a HIPPA compliant software to ensure your privacy and safety. 

No one achieves greatness alone. I am here to guide you along this journey.

Who I work with:

As a Dietitian, I specialize in helping people manage their health through nutrition and lifestyle approaches. My expertise lies in providing tailored advice to help individuals with a range of chronic and acute health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease,  disordered eating and women's health.

Prediabetes/Type 2 diabetes



Emotional eaters

Stress eaters

High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure


My programs are right for you if...

  • You are ready to stop restrictive dieting and ready to learn your body's true needs

  • You want to learn strategies to stop stress and emotional eating 

  • You are ready for a mind-body transformation

  • You are aware that what you are currently doing is not working but you don't know where to start

  • You are ready to take action in making changes that truly align what your goals and lifestyle

Working with me is not

a quick fix

a meal plan

one size fits all aproach

 another weight loss program

Why work with me

you're ready to trust the process

you're ready for a new approach

you like having support and guidance

you're ready to make an investment

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