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Get To Know Me


My Story

Hello! I'm Sarah a Registered Dietitian and living with endometriosis. Over the years, I've dealt with gut issues, skin issues, stress and severe PMS symptoms. I know what it is like to live first hand with these symptoms and be dismissed by doctors, only to be told to go on the pill and come back when you want to get pregnant. I've had to turn inwards and reconnect with my body to help manage my symptoms and find balance. Healing is possible!


 My mission is to help you live your best life by finding balance with food and your body too. I understand the power of nutrition and the power of body and mind awareness, and use a combination of both in my practice to help you transform your health. I believe in realistic goal setting and doable action items.

Overall, I help my clients gain a healthy mindset, build sustainable habits, and break free from stress and confusion on what to do next. The transformation will help you feel like you again!

How I got here

My symptoms started early and was told that everything looks normal. I was prescribed the pill and told to come back when I wanted to get pregnant. Over the years, my symptoms got worse. I knew there had to be another way. Through self education and guidance, I've come a long way and have truly found what works to help me feel amazing.


My qualifications:

  • Registered Dietitian in good standing with the College of Dietitians of Ontario and Commission of Dietetic Registration

  • Member of and Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • MB-EAT Practitioner, Well Nourished Health Coach

  • certifications in behavior change and motivational interviewing

  • Stress, Sleep and Recovery Coach - in progress!

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